C4 - Chocfest Chocolate Cake Challenge

Q: How to get more chocolate in Chocfest
A: C4

Yep we are going to have a competition, bring your best effort chocolate cake (home made if you please) enter it into C4 and you could win something grand.

During the afternoon all the cakes are judged (not as much fun as it sounds). During the show we will have an official announcement followed by a dispersal of the cakes and the winners will walk off with a magnificant prize.

You know you want to enter ... go on make our (and everyone else's) day - bake a cake.

Further details ...

We have been asked for a bit more beta about C4 - so here it is ....

We have PRIZES for the top three entries for the Chocfest Chocolate Cake Challenge (CCCC), and of course a ticket discount is offered for all entries!

All cakes must be home-made and are rated by our panel of judges on the four following criteria:

  • CHOCOLATINESS: Does chocolate thoroughly permeate the fabric of the cake and its filling and/or icing?
  • CAKINESS: Is the sponge baked to perfection, and does its texture provide a sensation of delight and satisfaction to the one partaking?
  • APPEARANCE: Is the cake presented in a spectacular manner, with meticulous care and attention to detail? Bonus marks for juggling related decorations.
  • JUDGES' BIAS: We might as well be honest about it. Honesty is a core value of the CCCC.

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